The accuracy and consistency of your property information on your website and on third-party channels greatly contribute to the perceived value of your property and your website to online consumers and search engines. HotelPORT supports your efforts with PropertyVIEW® Hotel Content Verification Services. We proactively identify and resolve inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete information on third-party sites. Whether your hotel is undergoing a brand change, newly opening or recently renovated, or even a perennial staple in your market, it is critical for your property to be easily found and accurately represented online. rebel_cvs_central_white

Allow us to become an extended arm of your online marketing team by providing ongoing content verification support by auditing your online presence and facilitating corrections on top sites and beyond. Audited sites include:

  • Top OTAs
  • Top Metasearch Engines
  • Top Reviews
  • Top Groups, Meetings & Events
  • Top Maps/GPS
  • Top Search Engines
  • Top Local Directories
  • Top Data Aggregators

Quarterly PropertyVIEW® Audit Reports provide detailed insight as to the status of your property and the updates that may be required.

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