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Solutions built for hotels by hotels

Accurate and verified content ensures optimal visibility and revenue from third-party channels. Traditional content management routines used by hotels are very labor-intensive, requiring manual input and content changes daily.

The high-end technology solutions offered by HotelPORT® make content distribution and verification streamlined and straightforward. Our technology accumulates the experience of seasoned hospitality industry professionals to audit and verify hotel content in a way that ensures much better and smarter online presence.

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Simplify hotel content updates with HotelPORT®

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Prepare reference content.


Benefit from valid content that sells.

Website pages

Veify it against existing channel listings using PropertyVIEW® Content Monitor.

Enjoy detailed hotel content coverage

Comprehensive hotel data.

Our technology ensures efficient verification and management of multiple data items required to provide content that sells:

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Hotel name

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Pictures & Photos

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Star rating

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Geo Coordinates

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Multi-level holistic views.

Our revolutionary solution – PropertyVIEW® Content Monitor – provides full visibility of property representations on multiple levels: management company, chain, brand, and individual property.


Improve your team performance

HotelPORT® technology will increase your team’s efficiency allowing them to focus on what’s really important…sales.

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Hotel owners / managers

Will be able to get an instant holistic view of content status across key distribution channels in order to make more informed and balanced decisions.

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Field Marketing managers / teams

Will become much more flexible in working with available distribution channels to market properties more accurately using improved content monitoring functionality.

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Revenue managers

Will become a lot more efficient in performing their key objective to display the right room to the right guest at the right time with the right price.

Get the full picture of genuine benefits offered by HotelPORT® Content Verification Services

We are Valued by Client and Partners

Robert VanBremen
Vice President - Distribution and Contact Center, Graduate Hotels

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the HotelPort team for more than 10 years now. They are a game changer from a distribution perspective as they allow you to do so many other things to ensure you are meeting and exceeding your property strategies. The content audits they perform and the changes they make keep our hotels relevant in the eyes of our guests and their expectations of the services we provide.

Paul Gillard
President, Leonardo Worldwide Corporation

HotelPORT shares our passion for creating solutions that help hoteliers unlock the true value of their content. As a long-term strategic partner of Leonardo, we're working together to help reshape how hotels manage, verify and think about content distribution, with exciting solutions that solve real business needs.

nancy johns
Senior Vice President, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

The service offered by HotelPORT is outstanding! It provides us with a fully comprehensive view of our content status across the key OTAs, metasearch engines, and other channels we are using. The dashboards provided by PropertyVIEW Content Monitor are informative and user-friendly. And the service team behind it is always attentive to all our needs and requests.

Founder and CEO, Hotel Compete

HotelPORT and Hotel Compete have a long-standing partnership centered on our collective desire to help hotels regain control over their content and rates across distribution channels. Their comparative content analysis along with our comparative rate analysis tools are the perfect combination of innovative monitoring tools to help hotels be more efficient and effective in monitoring the most critical details on their most important channels.

Vice President Digital Strategy & Loyalty, Viceroy Hotel Group

We love Content Verification Services provided by HotelPORT! It gives us a complete overview of how accurate our content is being presented across different channels and saves a huge amount of time for our in-house teams, allowing us to focus on the more strategic aspects of our core business operations.

What’s in it for your hotel business?


Brand Integrity

Represent your property error-free in a unified format and make sure all potential guests get the right impression.

Comprehensive coverage

Get properly represented on key OTAs, Metasearch engines, maps, and expand your channels as required.

Increased Revenue Potential

Increase revenue, improve star rating, classifications and market competitiveness through accurate content representation.

Easy Execution

Receive your PropertyVIEW dashboard login and first report within 14 days, while freeing up your internal resources.

Services Powered by Our Content Verification Technology



A content audit service that secures proactive audit and update of your hospitality content on third party channels so that you can focus more on the key strategic aspects of business.



A content verification service designed for hotels and restaurants that have rebranded, renovated or recently opened and need to be accurately represented online across the key points for travel-related search.