Third-Party Distribution Management Software

PropertyVIEW® is a powerful proprietary hotel content monitor and auditing Software-With-A-Service platform that enables an unparalleled holistic portfolio and granular individual hotel level views of content accuracy across third-party distribution channels for hotel owners, management companies, chains and independents.

Simplifying Third-Party Distribution Services For The Hotel Industry

Accurate and consistent hotel information is a key factor in the buying decision of online consumers researching and determining whether or not to book your property. For hotels that have rebranded, renovated, recently opened, and even those with an enduring market presence, it is critical for your property to be found and accurately represented across core anchor points for travel internet search.

PropertyVIEW® is built for hotels by hotels and born of an industry need to reduce the burdensome process of content audits and updates across an ever growing list of third party and direct distribution channels. eCommerce, Revenue Management, and Distribution teams from the world’s top hotel management companies, brands, and independents rely on PropertyVIEW® to confirm that their descriptive information and photos are complete, accurate, and up to date on an ongoing basis and for brand conversions, renovations, and grand openings. Here’s why.

Features & Benefits

Content Monitor

Unique in the industry, PropertyVIEW® is a proprietary platform build by hotels for hotels and features artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with human ingenuity to provide the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive content monitor and audit solution.

Content Verification Services

PropertyVIEW® proactively facilitates content updates where applicable and as often as needed. Whether you’ve recently rebranded, renovated, or are a long time market presence and are overwhelmed by the number of channels on which you have to manage content, we can help.

Hotel Support

As an extended arm of your hotel distribution services team, we provide much needed added support for ongoing content updates on your top channels representing +2 Billion average monthly visits. Changing services due to COVID? Updating Policies & Fee information? No problem. Our full service support team facilitates those updates for you.

Content Analysis

How does your content completion score stack up against your competitive set? Our team of experienced hotel content analysts begin the process by completing a virtual site inspection of your hotel website and source data to confirm that we have the official hotel verified content. From there, we load PropertyVIEW® and begin the audit process. In addition to monitoring for errors and outdated information, we continually review your content scores on top channels to ensure that your content is accurate and your channel content completion scores are as close to 100% as your available content will allow.

Distribution Essentials

Monitor the channels that move the needle when it comes to revenue production and visibility. Our PropertyVIEW® Essentials plans provide budget-friendly options to help you regain control of your online presence on the top channels representing Billions of monthly site visitors.

Focus our Software-With-A-Service solution on your most valuable distribution channels that carry the most weight. Whether you are looking for a quarterly audit-only solution, the augmented full service support of our Essentials or Rebranding engagements, we have your solution.

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