Berlin, February 15, 2023. HotelPORT today announced its partnership with GIATA to expand the
reach of its PropertyVIEW Content Verification Services for hotels.

PropertyVIEW is a powerful and proprietary hospitality content monitor and audit technology solution
built for hotels by hotels.

By partnering with GIATA, HotelPORT will be able to offer its hotel clients
even greater accuracy and completeness of their hotel information across key global digital
touchpoints powered by the GIATA distribution network.

“We are thrilled to be working with GIATA to expand the reach of our PropertyVIEW Content
Verification Services,” said Fred Bean, Founder and CEO of HotelPORT. “Their expertise and
extensive network in the travel industry will allow us to provide even greater value to our clients and
help them improve the accuracy and completeness of their hotel information across a broad array of
global OTAs, Tour Operators, and more.”

With PropertyVIEW Content Verification Services, hotel owners, management companies, chains,
and independents can easily audit and monitor the accuracy of their property's descriptive content,
amenities, and photos on channels that drive the most visibility, revenue and facilitate updates for any
inaccuracies or omissions as needed.

“We are excited to partner with HotelPORT to offer our distribution partners access to their innovative
PropertyVIEW Content Verification Services,” said Andreas Posmeck, Founder and CEO of GIATA.
“This partnership will allow us to provide our customers with even more comprehensive and accurate
travel content, helping them make informed decisions and improve the overall travel experience for
their customers.”

About HotelPORT Inc.

HotelPORT is a global integrated technology company providing breakthrough solutions for the
hospitality industry. We provide innovative, industry-leading products and services to hotels,
restaurants, online travel agencies, tour operators, technology companies, and destination marketing
organizations. By leveraging our extensive industry expertise and strategic partner network, we
provide innovative turn-key and customizable solutions which enable our clients to increase revenues
while also decreasing operating costs.

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GIATA was founded in 1996 and is a technology company specialising in tourism with its headquarters in Berlin. The company’s digital products focusing on non-bookable content target 20,000 customers and partners across 74 countries, including hotels, hotel chains, online travel agencies, tour operators, travel agency co-operations and global distribution systems. More information can be found at

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Fred Bean

Fred Bean

Founder & CEO. HotelPORT®