HotelPORT®, the hotel distribution services division of REBEL Travel Corporation, in partnership with GP Solutions today announced the launch of its new proprietary PropertyVIEW® Hotel Content Monitor platform.

PropertyVIEW allows hoteliers to regain control over the information they distribute to third-party channels. Launched in 2009 as a three-column spreadsheet, PropertyVIEW is now a sophisticated technology platform that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence in addition to human ingenuity to provide invaluable data and a full-service solution to the hospitality industry.

HotelPORT provides hotel distribution technology solutions that help hotels track, manage, and optimize the performance of their online marketing strategies.

 “Hoteliers have long faced the problem of having to manage an overwhelming number of distribution channels. PropertyVIEW simplifies this process by making it easier to proactively audit and monitors the accuracy of hotel descriptive information, amenities, and photos across distribution channels on an ongoing basis” said REBEL Travel Corporation Executive Chairman & CEO, Fred Bean. “

When hoteliers use PropertyVIEW, they gain access to a team of experienced hotel content analysts. These skilled professionals become an extended arm of the hotel’s online marketing team, hunting down content errors, inaccuracies, and out-of-date information on third-party websites. The team will also facilitate the update of the hotel details as needed to ensure that monitored channels offer accurate information about their property.

For many years, the hospitality industry has been asking for a solution like PropertyVIEW. The platform was built at their request. HotelPORT continually evolves the solutions it offers to ensure they always meet the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry.

“The launch of this exciting new technology platform confirms the benefits that the strategic alliance between REBEL Travel Corporation and GP Solutions provides for hospitality industry. Now and in the future, PropertyVIEW is sure to be a key part of the distribution strategy for hoteliers around the world,” said GP Solutions Chairman, Rodion Zhitomirsky.

Sales and marketing departments from some of the world’s top hotel brands and management companies use PropertyVIEW to regain control over how online travel agencies, metasearch engines, meetings and events, local directories, Maps/GPS, and more, represent their properties online.

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Fred Bean

Fred Bean

Founder & CEO. HotelPORT®