When undergoing a hotel rebranding or renovation process, it’s crucial to pay attention to every detail, including elements that might sometimes go unnoticed, such as a well-formulated press release.

A press release is more than just an announcement; it’s an impactful tool for enhancing visibility and establishing credibility. It shares your transformation story, outlines the scope of changes, and announces the expected completion date. In addition to informing channels, customers, and stakeholders, it serves as a formal document to manage and control your narrative across multiple platforms.

A critical point to remember is that some platforms, like TripAdvisor, require an official press release to remove old reviews and user-generated content that predates the changes. This is especially crucial to prevent any outdated or irrelevant content from influencing potential customers’ perception of your property.

Here’s what to include in your press release:

1. Headline: Craft a compelling, clear headline that encapsulates the essence of your news.

2. Introduction: Start with a captivating introduction, summarizing the purpose and completion date of the renovation or rebranding.

3. Body: Delve into detailed descriptions of the transformation, discussing what will change, the new features, and how these will enhance the guest experience.

4. Quotes: Include personal insights from key stakeholders, such as the hotel manager or CEO, to add authenticity to your announcement.

5. Boilerplate: Conclude with a standard section about your hotel, including location, amenities, and contact details.

6. Contact Information: Provide a point of contact for any press inquiries.

Remember, the goal is to generate excitement and anticipation for your hotel’s new phase. A thoughtfully crafted press release, especially when submitted to platforms that regulate user-generated content based on your updates, can significantly enhance your brand’s perception. Don’t overlook this essential step in your hotel’s rebranding or renovation process.

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