WTF! Walk the Floors Episode # 71 – Hotel Distribution Channels with HotelPORT

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Fred Bean from HotelPORT® as they discuss the importance of optimizing hotel distribution channels.

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Have Fun with ChatGPT for Now Because It’s About to Get Serious

The adoption of AI in several different roles and industries will be fast so it’s time to understand how it can help add to your hotel’s offerings, make processes more efficient, and improve your guests’ experience.

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Fred Bean Talks to Graham McKenzie About HotelPORT Software

Fred Bean, Founder and CEO of Hotelport, talks to Graham McKenzie about the comprehensiveness of his software offering for Hotels that are interested in accurate, audited content being distributed to the major sales channel.

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PhocusWire: Could NFTs for Hospitality Come Back to Bite Us?

Everyone is talking about NFT (non-fungible token) technology, and businesses are spending big bucks on massive opportunities for bringing this technology to the hospitality industry. Last year over $2 billion was spent in the first three months. While the global luxury hotels and resorts industry is expected to be a $160 billion market by 2031, the experience economy is forecast to reach $8 trillion, with the metaverse market opportunity a mind-blowing $13 trillion.