The accuracy and consistency of your hotel descriptive information, amenities, and photographs on your website and across third-party channels contribute to the online consumer’s perceived value of your property and can also impact your search engine ranking. Therefore, hotel content is not only king, it is revenue impacting. We support your content management and marketing efforts with a comprehensive suite of solutions to proactively monitor, identify, and resolve inaccurate information online.

More Than Citations

With PropertyVIEW® Verification Services, our team becomes an extended arm of your marketing team by providing ongoing support through auditing your online presence and facilitating corrections on top sites and beyond. Whether you are a hotel that has recently rebranded, renovated, or simply needs assistance in updating your property information in an OTA extranet or Restaurant seeking to increase visibility or correct inaccuracies on top restaurant directories, HotelPORT provides the support needed to give you a new holistic view of your hospitality business on the internet across the following categories of sites and more.

  • OTAs and Metasearch
  • Content Distribution Systems
  • Search Engines
  • Switches
  • GDS
  • Social Media
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Hyper Local Sites
  • Internet Yellow Pages


PropertyVIEW® Content Monitor is our new proprietary content audit platform that has been almost a decade in the making. This is a solution made by the hospitality industry for the hospitality industry. With our deep industry expertise and understanding of the challenges hoteliers endure in their attempts to manage their information across an ever-increasing array of third-party channels, PropertyVIEW® Content Monitor provides the industry not just another tool but an actual solution.


We start by auditing your property website(s) to ensure that all data and media at the source are current. Then using our proprietary AI-enhanced content verification engine and accuracy scoring algorithm, we audit, analyze, and monitor your property’s information across top online channels and distribution networks. As inaccuracies are found, we proactively facilitate updates on third-party channels on behalf of your hotel as often as needed. Best of all, the accuracy reporting tool gives you a holistic view of your properties, portfolio, or brands across the third party channels you care about.


  • For Hotels & Resorts
  • For Restaurants & Lounges